Our four grand parents

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Our four grand parents

In our family history we must start with our four grandparents.

My father’s father was Doctor “Harry” Flack whose family came from Lancashire, England and whose grandfather was Captain William Flack of the 63rd Regiment and Lancashire Militia. His ancestors were from County Cavan, Ireland.

My father’s mother was Alice Flack, nee Cockshutt whose family also came from Lancashire, England with a history stretching back to the English Civil War.

My mother’s father was Ernest Hayward whose family came originally from Hampshire in England and included artist Arthur Hayward, whose paintings are shown in the Royal Acadamy in London.

My mother’s mother was May Chambers whose family came from Yorkshire in England.

This collection also includes reports on the lives of my grandparents’ relatives and several reports which have been called “Family History Tourism” in which we record visiting places where my ancestors lived and worked.

Extraordinary lives

Among the life-stories included here are stories that tell of service and great achievement despite difficult times. They also tell of great sadness – the loss of infant children and of young adaults with great potential.


The research reports in this collection have been written to include something of the social history of the times in which our ancestors lived but which include careful documentation of the sources of the information included.