The full research reports on Flack family history are listed beside and can be accessed by clicking on each person name.

Four generations of Flacks

Dr Henry Edmund Douglas Flack, known as “Douglas” (1917-1985)

A Tribute to Douglas Flack

Bertram Anthony Flack, known as “Tony” (1924-2009)

Dr Frederick Henry Douglas Flack, known as “Harry” (1878-1961)

The Diary of a Ship’s Doctor

Lt. Surgeon Bertram Flack (1882-1919)

William Henry Douglas Flack – “A Burnley Worthy” (1852-1936)

Rev. William George John (known as “George”) Flack

Captain William Flack, known as “Billy” (1810-1892)

What were Private William Flack’s duties in VDL in 1832-1834?

Who were “Billy” Flacks parents and siblings?

Where do our Flacks come from?

Following my Y-DNA to find William Flack’s family 

Other Flack family reports:

A Christening gift from my godfather John Mackenzie Matheson

My Brick Wall

Blind Alleys

The Irish origins of the surname Flack

The Scottish origins of our surname Flack

Following my DNA to find our William Flack’s Family

A Toga in the family tree?

The “Black Line” of 1830 and the role of the 63rd Regiment of Foot

The History of the 63rd Regiment of Foot in Australia
Captain William Flack (1810-1892)

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